Christmas Comes Early at Prestige Imports

As I was doing homework late Wednesday night for one of the classes in my Master’s degree program, I decided to take a break and check the feed on my IG automotive account.  I’m glad I did, because not even 5 minutes had gone by and @prestigeimports had posted an update I couldn’t believe; they had 5 Pagani’s in the showroom –  A Huayra, Huayra BC, Zonda Revolucion, Zonda F and a Huayra Roadster.  I was awe-struck seeing all these amazing Paganis and so, naturally, I made plans to visit the showroom the following morning.

As I arrived in the showroom, greeted with open arms as always, the very first car I noticed was the beautiful Huayra Roadster.  I’d seen the photos from car week all over, but as the old adage goes, ‘photos did not do this car justice’ – and I’m not sure mine will either, but I sure as hell tried.


Having seen the “regular” Huayra countless times, and having had the privilege of seeing Horacio Pagani’s personal daily driver, the Zonda HP, I can see where the inspiration for the Huayra Roadster emanated from.  This work of art has all the accoutrements you would expect from Pagani, starting with the amazing carbon fiber craftsmanship and culminating with the most lavish interior.


Having been in development for about 6 years, the final product was well worth the wait.  The power plant on this beauty is built by none other than @f1mike28.  It is a twin-turbocharged Mercedes-Benz AMG V12 hooked up to a 7-speed, single clutch gearbox.  It’s lighter than the beast that sits on the Huayra Coupe and has 764 horses to its name.  0 – 60 comes and goes in under 3 seconds.  If I had to describe the Huayra Roadster in as few words as possible I would say it is an iron fist in a velvet glove.


I didn’t get the chance to see this beauty with its top on, but Pagani is making two different styles available to customers, a soft top and a carbon top with a center glass panel.  I would probably opt for the carbon top, but only if it is easy to install by one individual on the side of the road in case of a rain emergency.


One of my favorite design features on the Huayra Roadster has to be the re-designed engine compartment.  It allows for an amazing view of that V12 from virtually every angle.  Also noticeably different are the mirror arms, perhaps they look larger and thicker due to being painted over, but they seem to be a lot more prominent.  One of my least favorite changes in the build of the car however are the exhaust tips, they no longer exhibit that gorgeous forged titanium purple-ish hue…I do love that on the Huayra and Huayra BC.


On the Inside, as can be expected of any vehicle coming out of Pagani’s studio, is a plush and luxurious interior with hand stitched leather, exotic metals and carbon fiber, and of course, a luggage and briefcase set.


Only 100 lucky people will ever get to own this work of art, and hopefully among them will be owners that really like to drive their cars like @lamborghiniks and @sparky18888.  Lucky for me I am a stone-throw away from @prestigeimports and maybe with a bit more luck I’ll get to see more of this and other works of art out of Mr. Pagani’s studio.


Stay tuned to my PhotoBlog for a pictorial on @pperezc’s Wild Minion and Black Minion.

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