5 Minutes with the Huayra BC – Macchina Volante

On May 19th as I was driving around Miami, I received an Instagram notification that @lamborghiniks (Kris S.) had started a live video.  Seeing that I was driving I decided to ignore the notification, but when I got to my destination I noticed the live feed was still going, which I thought was very weird.  Needless to say I joined the feed and my mind was blown.

It turns out that Kris was at Miami International Airport, along with the team from @prestigeimports and @paganimiami, taking delivery of his Pagani Huayra BC – Macchina Volante.  The images coming through the feed were incredible as Kris’ #LaMonzaLisa, @brett-david’s #ProjectVulcan and @pperezc’s #WildMinion, had all come along for the special occasion.  I was tempted to haul ass over to the airport to see all this in person, but it was impossible.  I wasn’t sure if the car would be at the Pagani Showroom later on in the day or over the weekend so I decided to keep an eye on Instagram.  After a few hours, an update finally.  The car was in the Pagani Showroom along with the 3 other Pagani’s flanking it, needless to say my Saturday plans had been made for me!

I decided to make my way into the showroom on Saturday afternoon to see this awesome scene in person, but sadly, by the time I got there the showroom set up was gone.  It turns out it was a set up for an interview that Brett did the night before and so when I arrived Kris’ #macchinavolante was sitting outside the showroom with it’s cover on…I was so disappointed.

I decided instead to catch up with Brett and we spoke a bit about the future plans for @prestigeimports and @paganimiami.  As Brett and I were talking he mentioned that Kris’ had asked to place the car back on the showroom floor and he then asked if I wanted to see the car up close.  I literally did a touchdown dance in my head and very calmly replied to him ‘sure, that’d be great’.  At last I would get to see the car.  Talk about right place and right time.  I literally had 5 minutes to shoot #macchinavolante while it was pulled back to let the Huayra #diablo out of the show room.  Below are some of the images I was able to capture during that small window of time.


I won’t expand upon all the technological and engineering milestones this hypercar embodies, but suffice it to say the Huayra BC is one of the most technologically advanced cars on the road today.   The car also borrows various design queues from the legendary Zonda series of cars, including the Cinque, Revolucion and Monza.

This particular example is #12 out of a total run of 20 units and it has a plethora of bespoke options that make it a one of a kind example.  Two of my favorite options are the fabric used for the seats and luggage set (which unfortunately I was unable to photograph), as well as the addition of the 3 air vents to the body, which are fully functional.

Congrats Kris on your new addition!!!  You are what I like to call an automotive connoisseur with discriminating taste, you have a small collection with not only high value pieces, but with pieces defining each marque’s most technologically innovative periods.  Well done sir!  Hope to meet you in person sometime soon and I hope to be able to spend a day shooting your collection one of these days!

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