Cavallino 26: Saturday @ The Breakers

Saturday was no doubt the earliest day of the 4 day event.  I was up at 4AM and got on the road in short order.  You might wonder why I would get up so early to go to a show that doesn’t start until 10AM?, the answer is simple…because of the ‘line up’.


The line up, as it’s commonly known, is the part of the Classic that only true enthusiasts get to experience (because it’s so darn early).  This is the time when all those magnificent cars line up on the driveway of the Breakers at the crack of dawn to be positioned on the show field.  Since many of the cars are ‘show’ cars and are not raced on the track, this is one of the few times when you can actually see and hear them in the ‘wild’.  As the sun rises, the light that illuminates the cars is stunning and the grounds of the Breakers provide the perfect back drop.

One car that amazed me in particular that morning was a 1972 365 GTB/4 Daytona Shooting Brake (s/n 15275).  The car was designed by Luigi Chinetti Jr., and the coach work was done by Panther Westwinds.  This car looked like a station wagon (though most people compare it to a hearse).  I was lucky enough to catch it driving on the street while it was still dark and captured those gorgeous eyelid pop-up headlights.

As the cars made their way to the main show area, they drove up a makeshift ramp and were carefully positioned in their designated spots. I took full advantage of this opportunity to take as many unobstructed shots of the cars as possible because in a matter of hours there would be hundreds of people on the lawn.

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Once I left the main show area and headed further down the lawn, the cars began to get more ‘modern’.  I remember when I first attended Cavallino years ago the Testarossas, Boxers and GTs were all the way at the end of the show field, but now they are beginning to ‘pull forward’ as they get older.

At the very end of the show field there were various 458s, 430s, 360s, and 355s and much to my delight, the F50 that was running around the track on Thursday and Friday was present at the concours as well.


Just a few car lengths down from the F50 was the yellow LaFerrari that made a short appearance at the track the day before.  As I mentioned in Friday’s recap, this car belongs to a guy I know from Instagram – @yellofly.  I had been wanting to meet him for quite some time now and I was elated that he came down for the event.  His is one of my favorite LaFerraris (if not my favorite).  I think the royal blue carbon accents play off the fly yellow spectacularly.

It’s safe to say that Saturday’s Concorso d’Eleganza at the breakers was terrific (as always).  There were a great many cars and I met some cool people.  Now, as the show began to wind down, I made my way out to the street for the final act of the show.  One last chance to see the cars driving down the breakers driveway before going back to their respective trailers.

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As I walked to my car I was lucky to spot some of the cars being loaded for their respective rides home – behind the scenes shots, if you will.  Not a bad way to end the day!

Stay tuned for Sunday’s recap of the Classic Sports Sunday Concours at Mar-a-Lago.

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